The Millenials

X NFTS, The Story of Farmer Bill and Ethlong

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the Millenials WTF

9999 PFP Collection, The Story Of Farmer Bill and Ethlong and X NFTS. Every Month We Give Holders Something To Look Forward To. Various Ways Of Driving Alpha Through Our Proprietary Risk Team

While RVing got a little old after a while the Millenials as a group are growing up and finding land to build their homes with their hands. Farmer Bill Owns All of the land, and rumor has it he wants to build weed plants and food and put microchips into the food. It appears that farmer bill wants to change the food industry and the millennial are in a precarious situation. They need his land, but they also want their real food back. Some millennials like the weed infused food, but most don’t, and the ones that don’t mind it don’t know the long term ramifications of having eaten this chip food. Farmer Bill Says The Chip Doesn’t Track Data but does help our blood sugar levels, thus making the food more nutritious. Science has backed his claim, but most are weary

On their quest to find real food, they find these Xs all over the place, it is said that the X’s are valuable. Ethlong owns all the X nfts. He is a bit torn on what farmer bill is doing. On the one hand the weed infused food creates lazier millennials who rely on his robots (code blue MEE) to do everything for them and in that regard he benefits. However, it’s only common sense to be concerned about the chip food. Ethlong knows the millennial are his generation and he needs to meet their demands. Does He decide to buy farmland to create his own tech food? That’s very hard to do given that farmer bill has bought all of the land. He decides to do some sampling and data gathering by airdropping samples of food he’s been working on to the millenials. Creating Autos and making simple boring robots to do menial tasks was his true objective. He’s unsure if this food will work and he needs willing participants to test the food. The millenials have discovered that when you pour alcohol on the food it neutralize the negative effects of the chip weed food. Some call it a hoax like apple cider vinegar.


Ethlong airdrops a year supply of food to the millenials. He needs to collect data every month, so he’s asking participants to exchange the eaten food and their stool sampling. To Those with Optimal Poop Properties get rewarded with a Jpeg. Note right now, only a very small percentage of millenials are able to pass the stool test, but don’t worry Ethlong has other ways of thanking the millenials.
1. Build a community of Millenials Willing To Eat Food
2. Air Drop Food To Millenial Holders
3. After Food Is Dropped We Will Be Air Dropping A Few X NFTS and actual Millenials the team has reserved to give back to the community. For example, what if BAYC every month were to air drop every month 10 BAYC’s To Keep Their Community From Getting Bored and Uninterested
4. Our Team Has A Risk Team Who Will Manage Royalties with Goal Of Giving More X NFTS to our Holders


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